Prophet River Weekly Bingo

  • Bingo cards will be available at the PRFN Band Office and online.
    The following are available:

  • There will be a 45 number pre-call and 3 numbers will be drawn daily from Monday to Friday until a bingo is claimed.
  • Numbers drawn daily will be posted to the official Prophet River First Nation Facebook page.
  • If you get a Bingo, you must claim your prize before 6:00pm that Friday and submit your ticket.
  • Cash prize is based on the amount of cards sold that week and will be paid out on the following Monday.
  • If there is no bingo by Friday, the prize will be carried over.
  • Cards must be purchased before 5:00pm on Monday. New Bingo cards will go on sale every Tuesday.
  • Proceeds of Bingo directly support Dene Tsaa School students.

For questions or for more information, contact: Valerie Askoty at 1.844.323.0324 x103

Daily numbers will be posted on Facebook!