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We need more students in September!

We are accepting new students! Dene Tsaa School urgently needs new students to enroll in September so we can meet our minimum requirements. We are urgently seeking applications for new students aged kindergarten to Grade 8 Students both on and off-reserve are welcome. School starts on September 8.

Kristiana Bailey, Educational Director will be leading her team of educators to develop an educational program that offers solid academics combined with culture and practical skills. “Our program will feed the body, mind and soul,” she explained.

Programming includes daily language where students can learn and practice their native Beaver language, a weekly Fancy Dance program that includes drumming, a strong technology program including learning robotics and of course a strong emphasis on the basic curriculum including math and science. “We’re emphasizing critical thinking skills and want our students to have a strong number sense,” Kristiana added.

“We are at a difficult point in our growth and if we don’t meet the minimum number of students the school will not open” added Kristiana. “We strongly encourage parents to consider Dene Tsaa School. It is such an important part of our community and our heritage. There are so many reasons to
register’ she added. “We now offer transportation from Fort Nelson, a complete breakfast and lunch program and language and culture. This is a small school with a very low teacher to student ratios. This means your child will get one-on-one attention.”

Dene Tsaa School offers parents an opportunity to provide their children with a more intimate educational experience. Students will get more attention in a small school and a better opportunity to explore interests and learn at their own pace. Students will also learn about our culture, language and heritage.

Registration is open to local community members as well. The new community bus will be available to transport students daily to the school. Bus leaves Tim Hortons in Fort Nelson at 7:30 am and brings the students home by 4:30. There is a full Breakfast and Lunch program for everyone so all students will need is a water bottle. Any parent who has children outside of the local area or who is concerned about COVID can register for virtual classes.

Parents can register their children now either by coming into the school Monday to Friday or by contacting Kristiana through our website

Connect with us!

Your voice matters and we want to hear from you. We’re here to help. It is our utmost priority that the community has a full understanding of our new programs and a clear picture of what to expect moving forward.

We will continue to keep you updated on plans and programs and we want to hear from you! Call us at 1.844.544.7736 or visit our website at

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