Burn Plan Employment Program

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This program encourages members to engage in gainful employment by providing them with the safety tickets needed to complete the work, skills training, protective equipment if needed, and short term employment. As well, getting members out into the field has a secondary impact on improving self-esteem and health and wellness.

The purpose of the Prophet River First Nation (PRFN) Burn Plan Employment program is to:

  • Clear brush and debris to form a safe perimeter around PRFN homes and buildings to protect them from wildfire; and
  • To provide short term employment for members.

Requirements for Employment
Unless stipulated in the employment agreement with PRFN:

  • Hours of work in the winter months will be from 8:30am to 4:30pm, including 30 minutes for lunch. Members employed under this policy must be there for the full day unless otherwise agreed to by their Supervisor.
  • COVID-19 requirements – Work Teams will be no larger than 10 people, including a Supervisor and physical distancing requirements will be met at all times (more than 6 feet apart).
  • Each day at 8:30 am, there will be a “tailgate” meeting near the entrance to the Health Centre where members employed under this policy must sign in for the day. Employees under this policy must be ready for work, including having their safety equipment and proof of tickets on them during working hours.
  • COVID-19 requirements – members employed under this policy will have their temperature taken and if they have a temperature of 37.5 degrees or more, they will be required to follow up with a doctor and/or go for further testing before
    being allowed to return to work.
  • Employees employed under this policy agree to be free from drugs and alcohol during working hours. There will be site inspections during the day at different times to check in. A three warning system will generally be followed, although PRFN reserves the right to terminate an employee immediately for just cause when they are found to be intoxicated at work:
    – First two warnings an employee found to be intoxicated will be sent home;
    – Third incident an employee found to be intoxicated will be asked if they wish to seek detox and/or treatment. If they agree then they can be rolled back into this employment program after receiving help, otherwise, they may be terminated for just cause.
  • This section is in addition to the requirements contained in the employee handbook.
  • At the end of each day, employees must sign out with the Supervisor. Supervisors must provide the sign out sheets to the Health and Wellness team for tracking and payments of employees.

Learn more by visiting: https://prophetriverfirstnation.com/programs/burn-plan-employment-program/

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