Cultural Programming Update

Curtis Dickie, Cultural Coordinator

It’s great to be back at work after the lengthy evacuation. As many of you know, Fort Nelson was evacuated from May 10th to May 27th, which disrupted our routines and kept many employees away from their homes.

We are happy to announce that the Gathering of Drummers has been rescheduled to June 12-19th. This two-week delay has given us more time to prepare, ensuring the Ranch and the road are ready for the influx of visitors.

With the new dates for the Gathering of Drummers, we’ve been busy notifying facilitators, drummers, and rental companies about the changes. Ensuring everyone is aware of the new schedule has been a top priority.

In addition to our preparations for the Gathering, we are committed to creating short-term work opportunities during our events. We will be hiring for various positions to assist during the Gathering. If you’re interested in these opportunities, please contact Sheree Reno at [email protected] or text 250-321-1978. A big thank you to those who have already reached out to offer their help.

Here are some of the updates and improvements we’ve made at the ranch:

  • The outdoor kitchen has been relocated to the ranch and set up.
  • Two small unfinished cabins at Sikanni Ranch have been completed, with stoves installed.
  • Four new outhouses have been built and delivered to the ranch, including one wheelchair-accessible unit, one large unit, and two smaller ones.
  • Four large raised garden beds have been constructed and are ready for planting.
  • Wall tents have been picked up from Fort Nelson and will be set up at the ranch this weekend.
  • Stoves and stove pipes for the wall tents have also been collected.

Additionally, save the date flyers have been sent out for the PRFN Hunting Camp at Trutch, scheduled for August.

We appreciate everyone’s patience and support during this time and look forward to a successful Gathering of Drummers! See you there!

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