Education Department Update

Students discussing education.

It has been another very busy few weeks in the Education Dept. We are excited to have one adult successfully start in BC First Peoples 12 at the school. This course is being delivered through FNESC/Connected Classrooms. This adult has almost near perfect attendance and is participating and interacting with others throughout the province. He has been responsible to lead a discussion with the entire group and has received positive feedback about his contributions during the class. BC First Peoples 12 is a graduation requirement for the Adult Dogwood diploma.

Another adult student has been working with the Construction Foundation to achieve the remaining credits that he needs for his Adult Dogwood. The Construction Foundation is helping him to get job ready and work towards work experience opportunities that will fill the credits that he needs for graduation. We have one adult student also working through the Drivers Program, which includes 16 hours of coursework that the adult will complete virtually at the school.

Leah has been working with the FNHA Northern Headstart advisor to get a Headstart Outreach program started in the community. At this time, the program will not be licensed so that will mean that the parent/guardian or responsible adult will need to attend with their child. Leah is also preparing the postings to hire two Headstart Outreach assistants, with the hope to get the positions filled by the end of March, so that we can propose a start date to the community as soon as possible.

Students at the school are participating in a cooking class with one of the education assistants and we have just received dash robots. After spring break, the students will be learning how to code the robots to make them move with the Ulnooweg Education Centre. The older girls are also using the cross country ski equipment and recently went to complete a 4km loop with one of our EAs. It’s wonderful to have students willingly participating in healthy activities!

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