Education Department Update

Last year, the school team embarked on a journey to Vancouver for a transformative professional development workshop centered around co-regulation. This insightful two-day event not only deepened the team’s comprehension of co-regulation strategies but also elucidated the reasons behind their effectiveness. Moreover, it provided a platform for the team to establish connections with educators from other First Nations schools within the province.

A significant takeaway from this workshop was the realization that future endeavors should prioritize opportunities that underscore language and culture, positive mental health, and healing.

In addition to the workshop, the school engaged in various enriching activities. These included visits to the Hot Springs, crafting ribbon skirts, attending Round Dances, and participating in the Elder in Residence event.

The Drumming Workshop, a noteworthy and well-received activity, will persist, with the next session scheduled for Feb. 3rd from 12-2 pm. All members are encouraged to join and contribute to this communal experience.

Looking ahead, the next semester of adult classes is set to commence at the end of January, with the detailed course schedule to be provided later. For more information or inquiries, feel free to contact

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