Frequently asked questions

A: There are four ways to access the Trust Programs:

  1. You can visit and click on “Trust Programs” in the Main Navigation
  2. Call or Text to book and appointment 1-844-323-0324
  3. Email: [email protected]

A: The Trust Programs are only intended for members of the Prophet River First Nations. Your Band number identifies you as a member and will be linked to any program applications to which you apply.

A: Yes, you can call our 1-844-323-0324 Number and the Trust team will help you find and apply to a program.

A: On the Prophet River website, you must be logged in.  Once logged in your will see “Trust” in the main menu.  There is an option to “Explore all Programs”,  If you do not have an account, you can register for one HERE.

A: Some programs have specific purposes. You need to read the program requirements to see if you qualify.

A: The goal is to respond to members applications within 5-10 business days of receiving an application;

A: We will let you know when we have received your application and will reach out to you with any updates. You can also login anytime to review your applications and the status of each one.  Your current and past applications are displayed in “My Applciations” under “Trust” in the main navigation. You must be logged in to access your applications. Note that Only you can see your applications.

A: If you wish, the Trust Team can assist you with your application on the phone. When we have an update we will reach out to you using your preferred method of communication. If you want us to call and leave a message, we will do that. Other options are texting and mail.

A: The expectation is that members will exhaust funding from other government programs first, within their knowledge;

A: The goal of the Trust website is to improve transparency and fairness. All programs can be mailed, emailed if you do not wish to use the website.  You can also call the trust team using 1-844-323-0324

A:  The main Prophet River First Nation website collects your name, phone numbers, email or email associated with Social media login, and birth date.  The trust program web-site also collects your Band ID and adds that to your login profile.  Only your name is visible when you are logged in.  Other information is collected in program applications and is only used to help us process your application.  You can review our privacy policy at

A: You can scan documents using a scanner or take pictures of a document using your camera. Save the images on your phone, tablet, or computer. Click the Upload Files button to start the process of uploading the file to the application.

A: If you are denied access to a program we will provide you with a clear understanding of why the program access was denied. If you wish to dispute that, we have set out clear guidelines on the website to have it reviewed.

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