Letter to Nation Trustees Re: Program Access

Letter to Nation Trustees Re: Program Access

Letter to Nation Trustees Re: Program Access
June 28, 2020

Attention: Nation Trustees of the Prophet River First Nation Trust

Re: Access to Programs for Members

Dear Trustees:

Thank you for your letter. We have been working behind the scenes to address the concerns that were raised at the January 28, and March 25, 2020 Trust meetings. Since I have taken my position in April, I have been working to address a number of top priority concerns including how programs funded by the Trust are being administered.

I understand that there is an apparent disparity between access to funding for on and off-reserve members. This is definitely not our intent. However, we do appreciate that it has been difficult to contact Prophet River First Nation (“PRFN”) Administration. This has been difficult to address promptly with the additional complications because we are working remotely due to Covid19.

However, I am very pleased to announce that we are working on a plan that we have urgently put in place to help address the concerns outlined in this letter. We agree that the best way to serve all members is to hire a 3rd party independent company to manage trust administration and communications for members both on reserve and off reserve.

One of the key projects that we are working on is a new web portal that will list all programs and member benefits online. Our goal is to develop and implement a fair and cohesive system for program administration, including the communication, application process and administration of program applicants Members will be able to easily select the programs that are relevant to them and apply to these programs online. Each application will have a number so that it can be tracked in the system for following up. All applicants will receive a response regardless of the outcome.

This new website will also be a key communication tool for members on and off reserve. We anticipate that we will be able to inform the community on all initiatives including council and trust meetings. In addition, we are currently reviewing all programs and will provide a list to ALL members of which programs have been accessed in the past year.

We are excited about this new process and we believe that it will significantly improve transparency, communication and ease of access to information for ALL members. We will continue to update The Trustees and Chief and Council as we progress this summer. We would like to invite The Trustees to meet with the Chief & Council to outline our solution to this issue and hear any additional concerns that we should consider as we develop this new communications program.

Greg Grayson, Chief Administrative Officer
C.C Chief and Council