Patient Travel Reminders

FNHA Policy

As per FNHA policy, the Nation can only provide coverage for appointments to the nearest provider. In our case, this usually means Fort Nelson, for regular dentist or eye check ups. Regular check-ups not scheduled in Fort Nelson require a Benefits Exception from FNHA. The Benefits Exception is approved or denied by FNHA. See link to more information below.

Required Documentation

Members are expected to pick up their Appointment Confirmation forms from Elders & Patient Travel Clerk (or Reception) prior to leaving community for their appointment and return them once appointment is completed. PRFN has the right to deduct monies owing from future travel funds should the member not return their Appointment Confirmation form or miss/no-show their appointment.

For more information on the FNHA Medical Transportation Benefit, visit

PRFN Contact Information

Lorraine Chipesia
Patient and Elders Travel Clerk

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