Paving Project: Attention to All

At 8:00 am on August 7, 2020, Friday, our Nation’s ‘Paving Project will be started. Only Prophet River Residents, Employees, Contractor’s and Emergency Medical Service/RCMP (EMS) vehicles will be permitted through these gates at all times unless another arrangement was set-up prior with the PREN Leaders, PREN Public Works/Housing Manager (Richard J. Chipesia-1-250-500-2655) and KLEEDO Construction Superintendent (Gilbert Ducharme-1-250-500-2022.

The ‘Security Gate’ will be set up on two different access routes throughout the project.


All pick-ups and drop-offs of Prophet River Members/Residents and/or supplies will happen outside the ‘Security Gate’, and must have a ride set up on the inside before their trips commence.

All others that DO NOT LIVE in Prophet River MUST park their vehicles outside the Security Gate and/or have a ride set up prior to the visit and be picked up on the inside or are more than welcome to come in and walk to your destination.

We are a Nation who still believes in protecting our community members, our family members, our loved ones, our friends, our employees, our contractors and our Medical Emergency service(s), so if you are only visiting please follow these rules when you are in our community:

  • Our Front Gate Security will be checking on all non-residents that are walking in to visit to make sure that you are not sick from COVID-19. Keep in mind if you look very sick and unwell you may/will be rejected from crossing the ‘Security Gate’.
  • Social Distancing is 6 meters, so please follow that COVID-19 Pandemic British Columbia Law.
  • Do not disturb or talk to any KLEEDO Construction Employees at any time or go around their equipment during or after work hours. If you know them they will contact you after work hours.
  • Obey all road rules and regulations set out by KLEEDO Construction until further notice.
  • If you are picked up inside the gate go directly to designated home(s) and respect all other tenants around you.
  • If you are walking through the gate walk to designated home(s) and please respect surrounding tenants around you……REMEMBER there is still a pandemic, so please be respectful.
  • If Prophet River and KLEEDO Construction’s ‘Rules and Regulations’ are not in compliance with any one and problems start to arise, the Fort Nelson RCMP will be called and further action will take place.

We are asking that every one that is affiliated with Prophet River and/or its residents, please follow these basic ‘Rules and Regulations’ until the construction is complete this year and we will have a very nice paved road with no more dust in our homes, permitting the rain we get, but we want a very safe and well-mannered environment for all people that are part of this great Nation in every way.

If anyone has any issues that need to be addressed or any concerns that need to be heard, please do not hesitate to contact Richard or Gilbert from the above phone numbers and we will gladly assist you in any way possible.


Public Works

Richard J. Chipesia

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