Paving Project

Paving Project Update
August 5, 2020


Until further notice, only residents, employees, and contractors are permitted through the gate during the paving project.

Due to heavy traffic flow, off-reserve members that have band business and/or designated places to go must:

  • Park their vehicles outside the gate and walk in straight to the designated place(s).
  • Adhere to the ‘Rules & Regulations’ set out by Chief & Council towards the COVID-19 Pandemic. These rules MUST be followed for the health and wellness of the PRFN residents living in the community.
  • Must maintain social distancing guidelines.

All other traffic and non-members are NOT PERMITTED through the gate.

All violators will be dealt with at the RCMP level and may face charges.

Paving Project Starting This Week
July 27, 2020

Re: Paving Project

As many are aware, the paving project has been approved and is expected to begin this week. This work may require some temporary re-routing of foot traffic and cars for safety purposes, so please pay attention when you are walking, and please follow all directions for your safety.

In addition, we are taking extra safety precautions with the work crew to ensure that we are following all COVID 19 protocol. In an effort to keep our community safe and healthy we have requested that work crew, staff, any subcontractors follow the procedures as outlined below:

  • The Workers and Employees and any subs will not enter or cross the gate without completing a questionnaire and temperature check. These same procedures will apply to our workers and helpers locally.
  • Our coordinator will notify the individual if up-normal temperature appears and may request that the worker should stay at home.
  • The guideline as attached will follow in all our scope and will be adjusted if and when required.
  • Sign in and sign out sheets will be filled and implemented on a daily basis and to everyone with no exceptions.
  • Site trailer will be equipped with all necessities ( safety glasses, gloves, masks, sanitizers…etc.)

Please note that the members of the work crews can all be identified with their hardhats. Please let the crews do their work undisturbed. If for any reason you have a question about the work or any crew member, please contact our office at 250-773-6555 or use the form on our website. We anticipate work will continue over the upcoming months and we will keep everyone informed regularly. Please check back to our website for news and updates on this exciting project.

We appreciate your cooperation.
Thank you!

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