PRFN Community Announcement

PRFN Community Announcement

July 15, 2020

Public Statement:

As many of you are aware, our community has experienced a great deal of negativity, division, and conflict over the past months. In a proactive effort to resolve this, Chief and Council appointed a mediator pursuant to the Conflict Resolution provisions of the Governance Code. We have reached resolution and agreement on several issues.

Effective immediately, Greg Grayson will no longer be the Prophet River First Nations CAO. We will be resuming a dedicated search for a new CAO for the Band and have not yet decided whether we will appoint someone to the role in the interim. We would like to thank Greg for his contributions and wish him well in his future endeavors.

Chief Kirk Tsakoza will be taking a 4 month leave from active office to focus on his family and his wellness. He will be resuming an active office on November 1, 2020, and we look forward to his return at that time. While the Chief is on leave, we ask that all inquiries be directed to Councillors Beverly Stager and Jacqueline Reno.


Councillor Jacqueline Reno and Councillor Beverly Stager