PRFN Health & Wellness Department Update for October 2022

Poster describing the October Health update from Prophet River First Nation

Update for October 2022 to Current by Renee Lomen, Director of Health & Wellness

  • Lots of changes happening! Department restructuring in process with CAO input. Current staff changes: Elders Coordinator position being reworked with Administration, currently vacant. Activities Coordinator position being reworked, possibly renamed. Mental Health & Addictions Counselor vacant, looking at other options for that. Health Administrative Assistant position being eliminated from department, duties being disseminated to other departments and health staff. All members and guests are asked to check in with Admin Reception for health staff.
  • Renee attended FNHA Northeast Regional Caucus in FSJ with Chief Askoty and CAO Devin Bellerose in October
  • Toni working hard to apply for grants/funding upwards of $500K. PRFN Council recently signed BCR for health to apply for $300K towards mental health and wellness. If successful, PRFN health department can bring in practitioners every month for 2 years. That’s AWESOME news!
  • Working on women and men’s retreat at Sikanni Ranch similar to Mountain Medicine through funding from FNHA
  • National Addictions Awareness Week is coming Nov 21-24 at PRFN with Massage Therapist and other events happening
  • Jenn Casey is in community Nov 14-17 at Health Ctr, first come-first serve appointments

Happy November, PRFN! Stay safe, healthy and happy.

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