PRFN launches new web tool

PRFN launches new web tool

Prophet River First Nation (PRFN), in association with our partners, Ecora Engineering & Resource Group Ltd. (Ecora), and Heritage North Consulting Limited (HNCL), is starting a new collaborative project to map the cultural, archaeological and environmental components of our lands.

New Web Tool

Part of this project includes a web-based mapping application designed to allow PRFN to map their cultural data with the government, environmental and industry data. This tool will help visualize data using imagery and other reference mapping information – like a Google Map with custom landmarks. This will help community members and leaders alike to make better decisions when it comes to making development decisions in our traditional territory. It will make it easier to visualize what the land was used for in the past and can be used to inform negotiations with governments, industry and others who come to engage with PRFN.

Mapping our History

Prophet River First Nation has a large archive that contains stories, songs, and images that document family groups and their use of the landscape over generations collected between the 1960s and 1980s from Ridington Digital Archive including:

  1. Audio: 19 hours of Dane-zaa audio recordings
  2. Photos: 717 photos taken in PRFN territory of community members
  3. Texts: 12 partial translations of recordings of Augustine Jumbie

The end goal of the project is to have a digital archive that will store, maintain and map existing cultural information including the locations of where these photos were taken. The viewer will be able to access this information on a map using an iPad or from a website.

We’re very excited to engage our community members who will be trained on use of field iPads using field forms and field mapping applications to conduct the field program.

We also hope to share this with our Elders and hope they can help us with personal accounts of some of the stories. This brings our history to life. The images shown on Page 6 are from these digital archives.

We will keep members updated on our website.