Sikanni Ranch

Sikanni Ranch

Thank you for your support!

Penny St. Pierre, Executive Director of Sikanni Ranch would like to acknowledge community members for being respectful and helping to contribute to the longevity of the ranch this summer. It hasn’t been an easy transition, but St. Pierre has managed to sort out some of the initial challenges and build a strong business model that will serve the members and the community over the long term. One of the primary goals for Sikanni Ranch, owned by the nation, with the funding supported by the Trust is to provide an opportunity for shared community space for members to enjoy in the future.

Because of Covid-19, the ranch has had the added burden of not being able to accept non-resident hunters. This means that the ranch has been closed to international travelers and only open to provincial guests. St. Pierre has been working diligently with the community to honour the guest bookings and keep the ranch operational. She encourages members to share in this beautiful space.

There is a “Members Area” where members can book cabins on the ranch for a reduced fee of $50/pp/night. Members are welcome to stay here and enjoy the beautiful scenery, camping and exploring.

It is a community effort. Several members, including summer students, ranch hands and more are enjoying working on the ranch. They have discovered a wonderful  opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and contribute to the daily operations.

St. Pierre emphasized, “This is a business and needs to run like a business.” She thanks members for their respect and consideration. “Once we build a strong foundation we plan to focus on building more long term resources for our members including a space where they don’t have to pay and a place where they can practice traditional practices.”

If you’re interested in working at the Sikanni Ranch, check out for upcoming job postings.