Summer School with Teleia Dettieh and Curtis Dickie

Prophet River’s Summer School was a great opportunity for youth to connect and learn about culture through the summer months. Youth learned various cultural teachings and life skills that they can carry with them, and pass onto others through teachings in the future. We enjoyed our time together and created many great memories on the land.

Summary of Activities for July and August 2023

  • Played in the gym often; different fun games and basketball
  • Teleia led students through a couple Dene drum dance songs
  • Curtis led students through a mini Dog Sled activity using popsicle sticks. Teleia found videos of Dog sled stories online, and talked about dog blankets with focus on the importance dogs had in communities then, and still has in our life today.
  • Everyday there was time for student-led free play & art activities
  • Traveled to Fort Nelson Pool on two separate occasions to cool off and have fun with Prophet members who live in Fort Nelson.
  • Visited Fort Nelson Museum to learn about local language, culture, and history.
  • Lego scene creations with a creation story
  • Students made homemade ice cream using cream, ice, and salt.
  • Harvested salad from indoor tower garden
  • Blueberry Culture Camp; Moose camp where many hands were cutting dry meat & meat to share with community, moose hide station, Tipis, children enjoyed the park and children’s tent, students saw family members and enjoyed lunch altogether
  • Fishing at mile 206, had a cook-out and students learned to make fire after rainfall. Walked 1 km to a fishing hole. Students found a small waterfall they enjoyed exploring around & playing in.
  • Made lunch with students; grilled cheese, soups, sandwiches, bannock, moose meat, salads, & roasted moose bone with bone marrow.
  • Harvested wild blueberries then made blueberry pie and tarts for snacks and families.
  • Walked around community daily
  • Made a breathing tool using beads & a pipe cleaner while Teleia talked about breathing/stillness, practiced different breathing techniques to keep it fun.
  • Beaded necklaces and bracelets
  • Dene teachings on colors and how they represent the land & life; we referenced these teachings when painting and beading
  • Learned about traditional medicines used for smudge as well as learned how to smudge and when/why it’s done.
  • Morning drum song (prayer song)
  • Dene Drumming & Handgames lessons/practices
  • Read many Indigenous story books during library time, such as; We Are Water Protectors
  • Nature walk to collect young trees for bow & arrow making. Carved the bows & arrows using wood carving tools and lesson by Curtis Dickie.
  • Moose Hide frame making
  • Mini Tipi design & painting with traditional Tipi teachings.
  • Pizza & craft kits delivered to families to be creative and cook together.
  • Craft/Pizza kits were ideal for youth 5-17 and was an opportunity for families to be creative, while having fun, together.

Activities were delivered in Prophet River first Nation unless stated otherwise. summary of activities provided by Teleia Dettieh

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