Update from Council

Update from Council

Council has been meeting throughout the summer to keep things moving forward with a number of new initiatives including communications, culture and several lands updates.

Councilor Jacqueline Reno was able to attend the meetings with Ecora in Kelowna, BC and contribute to the creation of a new mapping and cultural tool for PRFN. Shown on right with Dr. Antonia Mills.

Although the bandhall remains closed, plans are underway to cautiously open the facilities over the next month.

Stay tuned on the website at ProphetRiverFirstNation.com to learn more about the opening of the office and bandhall. New hours and protocols will be in place. In the meantime we encourage our members to stay in touch using our new email and phone systems.

Council Meetings

Council has been meeting every second Wednesday to manage the community. When possible, the meetings will be held in the bandhall. Council meeting dates are listed below and our agendas will be posted in the “Members ONLY” section of our website.

Don’t forget to sign up at ProphetRiverFirstNation.com to stay informed!