Update From The CAO – March 2024

Photo of Devin Bellerose

Hello members!

Our hearts once again go out to all the families who have recently experienced significant losses within our community. We honour their memory and uphold the traditions of our elders in navigating these challenging times. As we reflect on the closure protocols established after the passing of respected figures like the late Elder Liza, we recognize the need for a thoughtful approach that balances respect for families with the continuation of essential work.

After recent losses, we’re reviewing office closures. We want to honour traditions and support grieving families while ensuring important work continues. Even when offices are closed, Chief and Council continue working, and our staff stays focused on their jobs.

We are addressing the high internet costs in the community and looking into options for remote locations, like Starlink, to improve this. Our goal is to find a new option that makes connecting online within our community easier.

We’re changing our organization based on community feedback. This includes creating more opportunities for Prophet River members to get involved and promote community wellness. Watch for more on this in the upcoming months. 

We’re proud to introduce the National Financial Administrative Law, which ensures responsible governance and financial practices. Members can learn more about this in the members-only section of the website. 

Job opportunities, including renovation projects, are available at Cikini Ranch, aligning with our vision of the ranch as a space for healing and community gatherings. We’re dedicated to serving Prophet River and invite all members to join us in shaping a prosperous future.

If you have any questions, please contact or visit our office. Together, we’ll overcome challenges and work towards collective well-being.

Photo of Devin Bellerose



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