Young PRFN Member Ready to take on Ottawa

Pierre Poilievre shaking hands with Ayla Dumais

Pierre Poilievre shaking hands with Ayla Dumais

Ayla Dumais, a proud member of the Prophet River First Nation, is embarking on an exciting new chapter in her life—one that promises to shape the future of Canadian politics. Currently a first-year student at the University of British Columbia, Ayla has set her sights on achieving her undergraduate degree with honors in Political Science, with plans to pursue a Law Degree specializing in Indigenous and Corporate law shortly thereafter.


Her journey into the world of politics began when she crossed paths with the honorable Pierre Poilievre, Head of the Leading Opposition, during a private meeting in Squamish. Inspired by Mr. Poilievre’s dedication to fostering economic growth for Indigenous communities, Ayla expressed her interest in the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) internship program. Thanks to Mr. Poilievre’s support, she secured a placement within the program—a significant milestone in her aspirations to bring Indigenous perspectives to the forefront of Canadian policy.

During her interview for the internship, Ayla emphasized her passion for integrating Indigenous history, culture, and values into the political landscape. Her articulate vision for reconciliation and her eagerness to contribute resonated strongly with the interviewers, leading to her acceptance into the program.

Ayla’s journey took another meaningful turn when she attended an event hosted by Mr. Poilievre, where she once again expressed her interest in working directly for him. Encouraged by his response, Ayla was granted the opportunity to intern in a high-responsibility role within the Opposition Leader’s Office (OLO) during the summer—a testament to her potential and the relationships she has built.

Ayla will spend the summer in Ottawa working in a political office, participating in political training, and hearing from some of the sharpest political minds in the country, alongside interns from across Canada.

As she prepares to leave her home in British Columbia for the unfamiliar surroundings of Ontario, Ayla acknowledges the mix of excitement and apprehension that accompanies such a significant transition. However, with the unwavering support of her family, friends, and community members—including those from the Squamish Nation and the executives of Woodfibre LNG—Ayla embraces the challenges ahead with determination and optimism.

We eagerly anticipate the impact she will undoubtedly make as she continues to advocate for change and progress.

Congratulations Ayla and good luck this summer!

Pierre Poilievre with Ayla Dumais

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