Your Voice Matters!

Your Voice Matters and we want to hear from you. We’re here to help. It is our utmost priority that the community has a full understanding of our new programs and a clear picture of what to expect moving forward. Here are a few ways to reach us and stay connected.

Check our website, we are updating it frequently with news, career opportunities and updates from our community. This is a temporary website for Profit River First Nation Communications. We are currently working on a new web portal that will launch at the same web address this month. This new website will be the foundation of our new communication plan for members on and off-reserve. We are excited about this new initiative and we believe that it will significantly improve transparency, communication, and ease of access to information for ALL members.

We will continue to keep you updated on future plans and programs and we want to hear from you!

Contact us online:

Subscribe: We encourage ALL members to subscribe on our website for updates and to receive a copy of this newsletter delivered directly to your inbox and/or your home.

Connect with us on our official Facebook Page:
There is some confusion over Facebook pages and we would like to encourage members to connect to the Facebook page that is linked from our website.

This is the “official” page for Prophet River First Nation.

Connect with us on Twitter:

Connect with us on Instagram:

Member Access: Coming soon! The new website will have a secure login for members to access information that is for the community only. Each member will have their own login and password to access information about programs and services.

Sign up online at

Call Us: 1.844.323.0324 (Toll Free)
We have set up a new extension system so you can leave a message for the department
managers. Below is a list of the extensions and we will also post this on our website.

Prophet River First Nation – 1.844.323.0324 (Toll Free)
101 – Lands Department 105 – Finance Department
102 – Education Department 106 – Communications Department
103 – Housing Department 107 – Councillor Jaqueline Reno
104 – Health Department 108 – Councillor Beverly Stager

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